• Energie

    Het goed verwarmen van een woning is essentieel. Onze innovatieve oplossingen zorgen voor een optimaal binnenklimaat.

  • Ventilatie

    Ventilatie is essentieel voor de gezondheid van de bewoners. Maar de levensduur van een gebouw kan ook aanzienlijk worden verkort als er onvoldoende ventilatie is.

  • Bouw

    Bij het bouwen van een woning zijn er veel aspecten waarmee we rekening houden. Hieronder vindt u onze bouwoplossingen.

Intelligence simplicity

Ubbink’s world is based on intelligent simplicity.

Ubbink has been a leader in the industry since its inception. Ubbink adds value by offering practical and targeted total solutions while avoiding waste at the same time. There is a benefit for everything and everyone: the professional in construction technology, the end user, our living environment, and our planet.

Ubbink develops these new solutions in close collaboration with the professional in construction technology so this professional can stay one step ahead of the growing challenges in this changing world.

The result: reliable, innovative products and total solutions for the construction and installation world, which go hand in hand with corporate social responsibility thanks to digitisation and sustainability. As a result, Ubbink has increasingly become a circular brand. Every product improvement, new solution or development is the result of innovative and sustainable thinking. Ubbink embraced Lean Manufacturing before the word was even coined. It’s in the organisation’s DNA.

Everything Ubbink does is focussed on intelligent simplicity. As such, Ubbink creates value. Not just by thinking in terms of products, but solutions too. Not in terms of promotion, but education too. No longer in terms of logistics and distribution, but availability too. It is thinking like this, from the viewpoint of intelligent simplicity, that ensures the construction and installation world can embrace the future.

Ubbink. Build smart.