• Ventilation

    Ventilation is essential for the health of residents. But the service life of a building can also be considerably shortened if there is insufficient ventilation.

  • Building

    When building a home, there are many aspects that we take into account. Below you will find our building solutions.

We are Ubbink

We build smart

Frontrunners at heart, we don’t sit back. We act, explore, create and collaborate every day to create the future of energy efficiency, healthy indoor climates and building protection. We are creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial mindset, focused on delivering smart products and services that you can rely on. We are solution focused, open minded and self-critical, keeping all of us one step ahead.

125 years of experience

In the 125 years of our manufacturing existence, we have successfully adapted to ever-changing market conditions to keep offering tangible standard and tailor-made solutions and become a demand-driven partner that unburdens professionals.

Ubbink. Since 1896.

Efficient solutions are key

Everything we create is about safe and energy efficient heating solutions, comfortable and efficient ventilation and the protection of the building construction.

We want to make indoor spaces better places.

Ubbink is aiming to become a circular brand

We take measures and constantly tune our activities in the purchase, manufacturing and (re)use of materials, waste elimination programs, the transport of our products and the energy consumption at our plants and offices. Our business processes and product designs are geared towards the re-use of materials. Becoming a circular brand is one of our priorities.

Facts & figures

Ubbink is part of the Ubbink Centrotherm Group and together with its sister companies Centrotherm, IVT and Sonnenstromfabrik it is the Gas Flue Systems division of Centrotec SE; a global organization that has specialized in energy efficient technology for buildings and is represented in over 50 countries.

Offices and plants around the globe.
Ubbink has subsidiaries in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and United Kingdom and a distributor network covering Europe, Russia, the America’s, Australia and New Zealand. The Ubbink Centrotherm Group plants are located in The Netherlands, Germany, the United States of America and China.

History of the Ubbink Centrotherm Group

  • 1896 | Ubbink The Netherlands founded in Doesburg

  • 1939 | Ubbink listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

  • 1959 | Ubbink Belgium founded.

  • 1976 | Ubbink United Kingdom founded.

  • 1992 | Ubbink France founded.


  • 1994 | Centrotherm Germany founded

  • 2000 | Centrotec acquires Ubbink. Centrotherm Italy founded.

  • 2009 | Ubbink Centrotherm Group & Centrothem USA founded

  • 2014 | Centrotherm China founded.

  • 2019 | IVT Germany is acquired by the Ubbink Centrotherm Group